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"I cannot wait to spend my day with you and your child! Their genuine laughter and curiosity brings joy to my heart! "
Teacher Rosalie at Canby Community Preschool
As a parent of children who went through CCP, I found that I loved the magical world of a play-based and engaging preschool that was created by teachers at CCP. 

I strongly believe that it is my job to create an environment that provides children with the first hand experience of making “first discoveries” of their own. This allows them to “learn by doing” and I look forward to providing that for your children. 

While staying home to raise my children and currently caring for a toddler, it has provided opportunities for myself to strengthen my knowledge in how to offer experiences of sensory play, discovery, letter and number recognition, fine and gross motor practice that are fun and hands-on. 

Children need hands-on opportunities to get messy, work together, explore, discover and be curious. CCP is the perfect place for that! 

I have 3 children and 2 of them attended CCP. My youngest daughter will be in 4th grade this fall, my son will be in 7th grade and my oldest daughter will be a Freshman at CHS. My husband is the principal at Carus Elementary in the Canby School District. 

My hobbies these days consist of me sitting on the sidelines of various fields, cheering on my children as they do the things they love. 

Taught 2nd  grade in Beaverton, Oregon
Masters of Arts and Teaching
Pacific University
Bachelor of Science Early Childhood Education
Oregon State University
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