Infomation for Parents
Parent Handbook
CCP Immunization Rates
School Supply List
Build friendships with other parents with preschool-aged children
Expand upon problem-solving tools in handling children’s frustrations
Learn realistic expectations for the child
Discover local child-friendly businesses and activities
Gain comfort with school involvement
Access to numerous educational opportunities 

This fee is non-refundable and to be submited with registration
Preschool:  $80/year 
Playgroup: $25/session

Tuition payments are due on the first of each month starting September 1st and late on the 10th of each month. The last month is due with the first month, pay September and May together. Playgroup tuition is due in full at orientation.

Card   credit card by quickbook invoice
Drop check into the deposit box in the school's art room
Mail  check to the P.O. Box
Automatic Deposit set up with your personal bank

Option A -
4's and Blends, expect to parent help approximately16 days a year
3's, expect to parent help approximately12 days a year

Option B - 
4's and Blends, expect to parent help approximately8 days a year
3s, expect to parent help approximately6 days a year

2's Playgroup -
Parent attendance is required during each class, 10 classes/session

Each family is responsible for a parent job. The registrar will send out a parent job list prior to the orientation. Parent job assignments will take place at orientation. Playgroup families do not have parent jobs.

Preschool families are required to attend the preschool orientation, parent training and auction meetings are required. 

Playgroup families are required to attend the playgroup orientation.


Each family is responsible for an auction job, assignments will take place at the first auction meeting. Procure $250 of donated items or cash buyout. Sell 20 raffle tickets, $5/each. Playgroup families do not have auction jobs or requirements but are welcome and encouraged to attend!

A 30-day written and dated notice of withdrawal from the program is required in order to receive a refund of the last month's tuition. This notice must be given to the registrar or mailed to the preschool.

​​The Senate Bill 895 and Oregon Administrative Rules 333-050-0010 through 0140 requires schools and children's facilities to share immunization and exemption rates on facility websites and newsletters. For more information, visit